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VenMill Industries, Inc. was founded in 2002 in Webster, Massachusetts and has grown into a strong corporate and manufacturing facility located currently in Uxbridge, Massachusetts. The company is privately held and has a fantastic team of experienced board-of-directors and senior management that bring a sea of knowledge and expertise to VenMill creating a well positioned and diversified company.

VenMill is a leading global developer and manufacturer of disc repair and maintenance products that enable people and businesses to save, protect, profit, and enjoy their digital optical media collections. Our world-class portfolio of products reaches customers through a powerful global distribution network.

VenMill maintains an exceptionally strong commitment to research, for it is within the discipline of research that yesterday’s fiction becomes tomorrow’s reality. We strive to identify things which, when made better, improve people’s lives. Due to a wealth of experience in research, product development, and manufacturing expertise - the list of innovations continues to grow for VenMill. This continued growth and innovation will allow for broader market expansion and focus, capturing the consumer segment.

But it’s more than just our product development and research; we aim for excellence in everything we do. Our pride is in our committed employees who work and maintain exceptional business operations. VenMill has the top-rated “customer/technical support” in the industry. In everything we do, we truly believe that “good enough” is merely a starting point.

Our Vision: To continually strive to put our principles of integrity, respect, excellence, and innovation in action in everything we do; making a difference to people and the planet through our performance and future innovative technologies.

Our Mission
  • Utilize customer insights to build a world-class portfolio of quality products and accessories.
  • Extend our category leadership in key markets through our powerful global distribution network.
  • Focus our resources on profitable growth areas
  • Increase the value of our brands and demonstrate return on marketing investments.
  • Maintain an uncompromising commitment to strong execution
  • Lead with the highest ethical standards, demonstrating good citizenship in all we do.

Our Values
  • Integrity: Above all, we are an ethical company. Everyone in our company is expected to perform at the highest standards of integrity and honesty.
  • Respect: We are a direct and respectful company. As a global organization we collaborate with one another and utilize the diversity of our experiences and perspectives.
  • Excellence: We striving for excellence in all we do.  We are focused on delivering value to our customers, distributors, and shareholders.
  • Innovation: We are an innovative company that infuses creativity in our products, brands, technologies, and work processes.

VenMill Industries
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