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From small branch libraries to corporations operating hundreds of locations,
VenMill disc repair equipment is used by organizations of every size.

Cartridges Galore

What our customers say... 

Video & Game Rental Stores

"VenMill has been excellent to work with ever since we were introduced to the company three years ago. We started out with a [VMI] 3500 and quickly upgraded to having a Hybrid 2.0 in all 7 of our retail locations. We specialize in the old Nintendo cartridge based games but get hundreds of newer disc games traded in to our stores daily. We can without a doubt say that our quality of product we are offering as well as our customer service has vastly improved since the addition of Venmill's machines in our stores. They have excellent customer support and shipping speed is lightning fast. Would definitely recommend."

Chris, Cartridges Galore, Maryland

"Great machine, great support. We bought our first [VMI] 3500 used, and since then have purchased six of them new. They all work, and we find that one person is highly efficient using five machines. We polish 1000+ discs most days."

Zoe, Grass Roots Books, Nevada

"Don't know what we would do without Venmill. We have 4 venmill machines in my company (3 VMI 3500s and 1 VMI Hybrid). We go through over a hundred discs a day, and venmills machines are able to keep up quite nicely. We recently purchased the VMI Hybrid and could not be happier with it. It does an amazing job with Blu-ray discs, and is able to get out scratches on regular DVDs that the 3500s can't. If you are hesitating on buying a product from them, don't. They have excellent customer service, and their tech support is great."

Video Games Plus, Roseburg, Oregon

"We have used our machine for over 10 years. This machine not only does a great job cleaning discs, but it is durable. Very little maintenance. When you factor the cost of supplies and the maintenance no machine comes closer in cost per repair than the Venmill 3500a."

King Video, Allen Park, Michigan

Small Town Libraries

"Perfect for the small library. We upgraded to a [VMI] 2500 after several years with a superseded model. It keeps our CD and DVD collections polished and ready for lending in just minutes per week. The sales and support personnel have been the best part of the deal!"

Katonah Village Library, New York

"The Womelsdorf Community Library in Pennsylvania is a small library in a small town but we have a large DVD collection (2,500) and CD collection (300) and Audio Book collection (800). The budget is only $100,000, so we don't have a lot of extra money to spend on anything but the basics for running a library.  We did buy, thanks to the Friends of the Womelsdorf Community Library, a VMI 2500 machine to clean and repair our DVDs, CDs and audio CDs.  The money we spent on this very affordable machine has more than paid for itself in the DVDs etc. that we didn't have to get rid of because they no longer worked.  The machine is very easy to use and we have several volunteers and staff trained to use it.  This was one of the best investments we have made.  I can highly recommend this machine for how well it cleans and repairs dirty or scratched discs and for how easy it is to use."

Melanie, Library Director, Womelsdorf Community Library, Pennsylvania

Large Public Libraries

"I bought [the VMI 3500] for our library in 2008. I have used it to clean and repair hundreds of discs in our collection, enabling them to be put back in the collection instead of having to throw them out. I Love this machine!!!!! I Love it so much, I bought another one for heavy duty repair. Great product, very easy to use, and easy to maintain."

A.W., Technical Services, Brookfield Public Library, Illinois

"Terrific machine. This [VMI 3500] machine worked wonders for our DVD and Audiobook collections. We spent two months in a small temporary location during construction and used that time for our staff to clean all of our DVDs. We've decreased our [patron] complaints about non-playing items tremendously."

Elsie, Circulation Manager, Mustang Public Library, Oklahoma

"Discs are our highest circulated item. Some of the discs patrons return are a sandy, sticky mess. We've seen peanut butter, jelly, even suntan lotion. The Hybrid was much easier to operate than expected, and required very little training. We have three staff members who use the machine. We watched the how-to video online and took pointers. It's really a superior machine. It's very effective, and keeps costs low. It's small. It's easy to operate and replace the supplies. And it's very, very good on deep scratches."

Patti Hall, Branch Manager, Ocean Pines Library, Maryland

Universities & Schools

"We use the [VMI 3500] machine on a regular basis, and it has salvaged a couple of movies already that we thought would be total losses.  Given that one of them is no longer readily available, it has been a valuable asset to us."

Scott, Director of Library Services, Lakeland College, Wisconsin