Important: Due to its discontinuation, back in 2013, resources to maintain and repair VMI 3500 units are now limited. We know how important these machines are to your business and we will do everything within our power to service them back to an operational condition. However, there may be instances in which it is no longer possible to fix your machine. In such cases, we will offer a $200 discount on the VMI Hybrid 2.0 if you decide to have VenMill recycle your non functioning VMI 3500.

Free Repair Estimate

Ship your machine to VenMill and one of our qualified technicians will diagnose what needs to be repaired. We will provide you with a detailed estimate including pricing
options before any work is done.

Scheduling Service

After scheduling service, a technician will contact you to discuss your repair choice and all other options available. You are under no obligation and will not be charged until after repairs have been performed.

If you have any questions about our services, please call us at (866) 864-0210.

Please read all of the terms and conditions before scheduling your machine to come in for service.

i. Scheduling Services

Submitting a service request through this page is non-obligational. We will contact you within one business day to confirm and clarify any other details necessary to complete your request. A repair ticket will be created and you will be given an RMA number and an address to ship the machine to.

ii. Shipping

Shipping to VenMill: In all instances, you are responsible to ship the machine to our facility. You may use UPS, USPS or FedEx. If you prefer, we can arrange for your machine to be picked up for servicing for a charge.

Return Shipping: For repair estimates, general repairs and for the "Basic" service plan, return shipping is not included and will incur a charge. The "Full Service Tune-Up" plan includes return shipping within the 48 contiguous United States. If you are located outside of this area and would like a return shipping estimate, please contact us.

iii. Packaging

We strongly recommend you use your original VenMill packing materials. If your machine is sent to us in non-official packaging, any damaged incurred in transit will not be covered under the service plan and any existing warranty is voided. If you do not have the original packaging, we can send you a set for a charge.

Important: We cannot guarantee our work unless we’re able to return your machine to you in its protective packaging. If the machine arrives to our shop without proper packaging, we will replace the packaging and an additional charge will be included onto the final invoice.

iv. Service Duration

The service usually takes between 1-5 days. If there is going to be an extended delay due to a parts shortage or any other reason, you will be informed right away.

v. What is Covered

The service plans cover the replacement of all the listed parts and any necessary extras. If any additional parts are deemed necessary to satisfactorily service the machine, you will be contacted first for approval of the additional charges. If you decline the replacement of any additional parts we regret that we can not provide the warranty coverage which is included in the "Full Service Tune-Up" plan.

vi. Serviced Parts Warranty

Only the parts replaced as part of the service are covered. If a problem arises within the allotted warranty period, we will replace said parts at no extra cost. You will, however, be responsible for any shipping expenses. The "Full Machine Warranty", which is included with the "Full Service Tune-Up" plan, offers full coverage for the whole machine over a 12 month period. All warranty options assume part failure occurs within normal use; if a part fails due to overuse or misuse then it is not classified as a warranty repair.

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