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Hybrid 2.0 Hybrid VMI 3500 VMI 2500 QuickSand

Features Hybrid 2.0 Hybrid (Original) VMI 3500 VMI 2500 QuickSand
Repair Type Buffing & Polishing Buffing & Polishing Buffing Buffing & Polishing Sanding
Repair Process Water & Solution Automatically Applied Water & Solution Automatically Applied Manually Apply Solution Manually Apply Solution Water Automatically Applied
Use Rating Frequent Use Frequent Use Frequent Use Occasional Use Frequent Use
Repair Capability Light to Heavy Scratches Light to Heavy Scratches Light Scratches Light to Moderate Scratches Heavy & Deep Scratches
Blu-Ray Repair Ideal Ideal Cleaning Only Compatible Not Compatible
Repair Cycle Length 30 Sec, 1 Min, 2 Min, 3 Min, 4 Min 30 Sec, 1 Min, 2 Min, 3 Min, 4 Min 30 Sec, 1 Min 30 Sec, 1 Min 10 Sec, 30 Sec
Repair Material Pads Pads Wheels Wheel Pads
Repair Solution Water & Buffing Solution Water & Buffing Solution AC Liquid Buffing Solution Water Only
Supply Kit Hybrid Combo Pack Hybrid Combo Pack VMI 3500 Combo Pack VMI 2500 Combo Pack QuickSand Combo Pack
Supply Kit Contents Buffing Solution, Pads, Chip, Center Hubs, Nozzle Extenders/Cover Buffing Solution, Pads, Chip, Center Hubs, Nozzle Extenders/Cover AC Liquid, Wheels Buffing Solution, Wheel, Chip Pads, Chip, Center Hubs, Nozzle Extenders
Supply Kit Usage 500 Minutes (1000 Repairs Max) 500 Minutes (1000 Repairs Max) 2500 Repairs 500 Minutes (1000 Repairs Max) 100 Minutes (600 Repairs Max)
Supply Kit MSRP $69.99 $69.99 $149.99 $79.99 $24.99
Cost per Disc Repaired 7¢ - 56¢ 7¢ - 56¢ 8¢ - 16¢ 4¢ - 12¢
Noise Level Ultra Quiet Ultra Quiet Loud Moderate Moderate
Cleaning & Maintenance Empty Catch Tray Empty Catch Tray Vacuum Interior Wipe Down Interior Empty Reservoir
Weight 18 lb 15 lb 45 lb 21 lb 20 lb
Dimensions 9" w x 11" d x 8" h 8" w x 10" d x 8" h 8" w x 18" d x 15.5" h 11.25" w x 10.25" d x 6.75" h 9" w x 11" d x 8" h
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
MSRP $1799 - - $899 $849
Stock In Stock Discontinued; Refurbished Sometimes Available Discontinued; Refurbished Sometimes Available In Stock Discontinued
Considerations Ready to take on a collection of any size, the Hybrid 2.0 is by far the most effective and fastest stand-alone disc repair machine available. Similar to the original Hybrid, but features improved solution delivery for a faster, more aggressive repair. Named for it's combined buffing and polishing repair process, the original Hybrid was an innovation in disc repair. It's small size, automated process and speedy repair made this unit a great fit for processing a high volume of discs. Manufactured from 2003 to 2015, the VMI 3500 is the original VenMill buffing machine, well known by libraries and disc retailers worldwide. Although new technology has replaced this machine, the quick and simple process leaves a shiny finish and provides just the level of repair needed for lightly scratched discs. Designed with small libraries in mind, the VMI 2500 is an ideal fit for occasional disc repair. Released in 2014, the QuickSand is an excellent tool for anyone seeking to salvage discs with severe scratches. This machine cuts through the worst damage in just a few seconds, preparing the disc to be finished in a disc repair machine. The QuickSand can be used in conjunction with any commercial disc repair machine.

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