This machine uses Hydro-Optic sanding technology to obliterate heavy scratches in seconds, leaving the surface of the disc smooth and ready to be finished in a disc repair machine.

Why use a disc sander?

QuickSand Video

Sanding a disc removes the toughest, deepest scratches that are difficult for regular disc repair machines to remove. This abrasive process physically cuts away several microns of the disc surface, leaving the disc smooth and ready to be finished in a disc repair machine. Sanding a disc for just a few seconds effectively shortens the amount of time required for repair in a disc repair machine.

While the QuickSand may be used in conjunction with any commercial or industrial disc repair machine, this sander is designed to pair with the Hybrid 2.0 from VenMill Industries. The machine features an optional Heavy setting (30 seconds) which works optimally with the Hybrid.

Design & Process

Small and compact, the QuickSand is ideal for front-counter use. An intuitive and easy-to-understand front panel display reveals the water level and supplies status.

Like the Hybrid 2.0, the QuickSand uses Hydro-Optic repair technology. No messy chemicals are needed. Water is applied to the disc surface, accelerating the effect of the sanding pads to smooth the disc surface. The water is filtered and stored in a reservoir for re-use. In this way, the machine is very low maintenance and economical.


Inside the QuickSand

The QuickSand is easy-to-operate and requires very little training for use. The machine features two sanding settings. The regular (10 second) setting is suitable for most scratched discs. The heavy (30 second) setting is only for sanding a disc before running it on the Hybrid. An LCD front panel alerts you when it is time to change supplies.

Please note: The QuickSand is a companion for your disc repair machine. After sanding a disc, you must run it through a disc repair machine to finish the disc.


QuickSand Combo Pack

The QuickSand will alert you when it's time to change any of the supplies. The machine comes with enough supplies for the first 50 minutes of operation.

Afterwards, the machine is intended for use with the QuickSand Combo Pack, a kit with foam pads, sanding pads, nozzle extenders, a center hub, and a CQ chip.

Warranty & Support

We stand behind our equipment. All our machines come with a one year warranty, and lifetime technical support.

Have a question or a problem? Speak with a live agent from our technical support team based in Massachusetts.

Additional extended warranties are available for purchase.

Disc repair makes sense.
And cents, too.

For libraries, for retailers, for all.


If you can use a toaster, you can use a disc repair machinereally! Repair technology has become simpler, quieter, and more effective than ever.

Save money.

Replacing disc media is costly. How much do you spend annually replacing damaged disc media? Discs can be repaired for just pennies.

Earn money.

Many retailers and libraries offer disc repair as a service to the community for a small fee (usually $3-$5 per disc). In this way, the disc repair machine pays for itself.