VMI 2500

VMI 2500

Designed with libraries and small businesses in mind, the VMI 2500 is an entry-level disc repair machine from VenMill Industries. Redesigned in 2014, this small, easy-to-operate machine administers the new Advanced OptoClear(TM) buffing process to repair all types of discs, including Blu-ray and 3-inch discs (with an adapter.)


VMI 2500 Video

Rated as a light to medium commercial duty unit, the VMI 2500 is recommended for users repairing 50 discs per day or less. There are two repair options: light (30 seconds) or heavy (1 minute). Most scratched discs are repaired with a light repair. The heavy repair is suitable for Blu-ray discs. To operate the machine, simply turn it on, select the repair type, apply solution to a disc, insert the disc, and press start. Discs come out of the machine clean and ready to use.


Small and compact, this unit is specifically designed with ease of use in mind. No technical training is required to use this machine. All information is displayed on one convenient LCD screen. With only three front panel buttons, the machine is simple to operate. The VMI 2500 does not give off any beeps, and runs fairly quiet at 50 decibels (about as loud as an electric shaver.)

Repair Process

Inside the VMI 2500

The VMI 2500 employs the Advanced Optoclear(TM) buffing process. This unique process combines the heat and friction from the buffing wheels with the added benefit of a microabrasive solution to provide a superior disc repair. The combination of heat, force, and repair solution leave the discs smooth and ready to use as soon as they come out of the machine. The VMI 2500 can be used to repair all types of discs, including CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, game discs, 3 inch discs (with an adapter) and Blu-ray discs.


VMI 2500 Combo Pack

Supplies for VMI 2500 are available in a combo pack which includes a buffing wheel, two bottles of solution, and a C2 chip. This kit is good for 500 minutes of use (approximately 500-1000 repair cycles.) One combo pack is included with every new machine.

Warranty & Support

We stand behind our equipment. All our machines come with a one year warranty, and lifetime technical support.

Have a question or a problem? Speak with a live agent from our technical support team based in Massachusetts.

Additional extended warranties are available for purchase.

Disc repair makes sense.
And cents, too.

For libraries, for retailers, for all.


If you can use a toaster, you can use a disc repair machinereally! Repair technology has become simpler, quieter, and more effective than ever.

Save money.

Replacing disc media is costly. How much do you spend annually replacing damaged disc media? Discs can be repaired for pennies.

Earn money.

Many retailers and libraries offer disc repair as a service to the community for a small fee (usually $3-$5 per disc). In this way, the disc repair machine pays for itself.